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It is important to note that not all of the cultivars listed below will be available at any one time. I did not list prices because even in the same cultivar, they will differ according to size of the plants. Some plants come up later in the spring and will not be ready for the May sale date which is why I offer sale dates in both May and June. At times other than sale days, it is important to call ahead if you plan to visit. I do welcome visitors.   Note: underlined names have links to pictures.

Cultivar Name Size Description
Abiqua Drinking Gourd Large A wonderful blue known for it’s well cupped leaf shape.
American Sweetheart Medium A tet form of Sea Thunder. It’s superb substance makes it one of the best white centered.
Aphrodite Large A double flowered form of Plantagenea. Very limited.
Arc de Triomphe Medium Blue/green leaves with a wide gold margin. Plant has an arching habit.
Atlantis Large A tetroploid form of Aba Dabba Do. More substance, wider gold margins. Limited.
August Moon Large One of the first gold hostas and still one of the best.
Band of Gold Medium Blue/green leaves with a gold edge.
Beckoning Large A Blue Angel sport from the UK. Gold centered, dark green margins. Slow to color in spring.
Bix Blues Medium A former “convention plant” Blue leaves with good substance.
Black Hills Large Dark green leaves are rounded and puckered. A very desireable garden plant. Getting hard to find.
Blue Jay Medium Cupped leaves that are intensely blue. Good substance. Very limited.  Sold out
Blue Hawaii Large Corrugated blue leaves that stay blue in good shade. Fragrant flowers.
Blue Mouse Ears Small A small blue hosta with great substance and a very descriptive name.
Bigga Luigi Large Blue/green. More upright than many sieboldianas. May not be available in 2009.
Brave Amherst Large Blue with gold margins. This hosta is slow growing but worth the wait.
Bright Lights Large A Tokudama with gold center and green margins that streak into the center.
Brother Stefan Large This gold centered plant may be Olga Petryszyn’s best to date. A real eye catcher in the garden.
Choo Choo Train Large A beautiful gold with piecrust edges, prominent veining and good substance.
Christmas Pageant Large A selection from Christmas Tree. Wider margins. A striking plant.
Christmas Tree Large A classic dark green with white/cream margins. Very large and impressive at maturity.
Cleopatra Large Medium green centers with gold edges. A fortunei so it grows better than average.
Crusader Medium A wonderfully useful landscape hosta. Especially effective in mass plantings.
Cutting Edge Medium Wavy edges and long foutain shaped foliage. A medium green color but the leaf backs are white.
Dawn’s Early Light Large One of the better new golds. Rippled edges with some puckering.
Daybreak Large This gold can handle quite a bit of sun. It carries it’s large leaves on the horizontal plane to a great extent.
Deep Pockets Medium Deep green with shiny, cupped leaves.
Deja Blu Medium A sport of Blue Boy. Leaves are blue/green with a yellow margin. Mature plants feature a lightening streak marking that may take several years to develop.
Designer Genes Medium Gold leaves with red petioles make this one jump out at you.
Dick Ward Large This is a sport of Zounds and as such it grows slowly. Its bright gold, heavily textured leaves with irregular green edges make it a standout hosta.
El Capitan Large Large dark green leaves with yellow margins. Leaves are rounded and heavily corrigated at maturity.
Embroidery Medium A true collector’s plant. Unique “stitching” near margins. Limited.
Emerald Ruff Cut Medium Leaves are about twice as long as they are wide and are ruffled at the edges. The leaves are a bright gold with green margins.
Empress Wu Giant Giant green hosta out of Big John. This is still a rare plant. Very limited.  Not available until 2010
Final Summation Giant Gold centered with green margins. The opposite of most S&S sports. Will not be ready until  2010.
Fire and Brimstone Large A sport of Guardian Angel. It features a green leaf streaked with yellow. No two leaves are marked identically. The streaking fades in late summer. Rare.
Fireworks Small A sport of Loyalist, this plant features narrow leaves held upright. It has a wide cream center with dark green margins that often streak into the center.
Fried Green Tomatoes Large Green form of Guacamole. Best flowers in the family. Flowers are fragrant.
Frosted Jade Large This is a plant which is easy to identify. It gets very large and features a blue/green leaves with a yellow/cream edge. It carries it’s leaves in a fountain shape.
Galaxy Medium Considered a good breeder plant by many hybridizers, this is a streaked plant. Fairly rare and expensive. Very limited.
Ghost Spirit Medium This is one of the newer “misted” plants with green specks sprinkled over the leaf. Very striking with its light center.
Ginsu Knife Medium Blade like leaves with wavy edges. Very limited in 2009.
Gold Standard Large An old cultivar with many uses in the landscape. How gold its leaves become dependent upon light.
Golden Friendship Medium Round and deeply cupped gold leaves with good substance. Not especially fast grwoing but worth the wait.
Golden Meadows Medium This plant comes to us from Holland. It has a bright gold center and green margins, undulating leaf shape, and somewhat upright habit.  Very limited.
Great Expectations Large A classic sieboldiana cultivar. Gold centered and very striking.
Glitter Large The green sport of Paradigm. Very attractive with shiny dark green leaves. Heavily veined. Seldom seen.
Guacamole Large Chartreuse leaf centers with dark green margins and shiny leaves. It features large, fragrant flowers. A wonderful garden hosta that can take some sun. Fragrant flowers.
Guardian Angel Large Blue Angel sport. Light centered with wide dark green margins in spring. Turns
more green later in growing season.
Hanky Panky Small This Striptease sport is a most unusual and distinctive plant. This is basically a center variagated plant but you need to see it to truly apperciate it.
Hoosier Dome Large Very large shiny green plant with distinctive dome shape to leaves.
Ice Age Trail Medium Streaked version of Big Daddy. No two plants are identical.
Immense Large Has some similarities to Montana Macrophlya but it is larger. Medium green color. Good grower.
Independence Medium This reversed form of Revolution features dark green centers and wide cream margins speckled with green specks. Very good substance.
June Medium This plant varies greatly in color depending on where it is sited. In some sun, it features a bright gold center.
Key West Large Heart shaped gold foliage which is deeply veined. This fairly new hosta has the potential to become a superstar. An Olga Petryszyn introduction.
Kiwi Black Magic Medium Kept in deep shade, this plant is very dark green and shiny.
Kiwi Full Monty Medium A much more blue cast to its foliage than the similar patterned Striptease.
Komodo Dragon Giant This needs plenty of room. It’s large, dark green leaves are prominently veined and piecrusted. A good grower and handsome specimen plant.
Krossa Regal Large This is a classic hosta. Blue-gray in color and vase shaped.
Krugerand Large A very large and somewhat upright gold.
Lakeside Dragonfly Small Wavy and very narrow variagated leaves are the trademark of this cultivar. Still rare in the marketplace. Very limited.
Leading Lady Giant This plant can get very large. It has a somewhat upright habit and dark green centers with distinct gold margins.
Lederhosen Medium A rare cultivar introduced by Benedict. The name (which is the German word for leather pants) is descriptive of the substance of this blue gem.
Lemon Lime Small A wonderful ground cover hosta. Spreading and ground hugging.
Liberty Large This sport of Sagae features much wider gold margins than it’s parent. A must have plant.
Love Pat Large Another of the classic blues which has earned it’s spot in the shade garden.
Manhattan Medium This is a distinctive plant. Pebbly leaf surfaces combined with rippled edges and a light green to gray/green leaf color makes it special. Rare.
Maui Buttercups Medium Gold leaves with wonderful substance.
Milleniumum Large This Sagae cross features heavily corrugated leaves which are blue/green in color. Good substance.
Minuteman Large A sport of Patriot, Minuteman has somewhat darker green leaf centers combined with the white margins. May be a trifle larger at maturity.
Moonlight Sonata Large One of the few fragrant blues. Good substance.
Night Before Christmas Large A sport of Christmas Tree with a white center and wide green margins. A faster grower than it’s parent.
Northern Exposure Large A S. Elegans sport. Forms a large and impressive clump. Leaves are medium green with a wide cream margin. Shape is somewhat flat with a lot of puckering.
Olive Bailey Langdon Large Tends not to burn as much as Frances Williams but looks like it.
Paradigm Large A variegated plant with nice substance and seer suckered leaves. An award winner.
Patriot Medium A Francee sport with much wider white margins. Somewhat upright in habit and excellent leaf substance. Very similar to Minuteman.
Paul’s Glory Large Some like to refer to this cultivar as an improved form of Gold Standard. It has a very bright center bordered by margins that are more blue than green.
Piedmont Gold Large A classic gold. Large to Giant in size.
Plantegenea Large The best fragrance among hostas. All fragrant hostas are decended from this plant.
Popcorn Medium Upright clump featuring blue/green leaves with a cream center. Excellent substance. Slow growing and scarece.
Potomac Pride Large An old cultivar and still one of the best. In deep shade it is very dark green and shiny.
Powder Blue Small The name describes it. A new intro with wonderful substance.
Praying Hands Medium A true collector’s plant. Upright shape with very narrow leaves.
Queen Josephine Medium Shiny leaved green with gold edge.
Radiant Edger Small This plant lights up a border.
Rainforest Sunrise Small Sport of Maui Buttercups. Flashy variegation.
Rascal Large No two plants are colored the same with Rascal. Predominently gold with green streaks. One of my favorites.
Regal Splendor Large Shaped similar to Sagae, it has more narrow gold edges and a more blue shade in the foliage.
Royal Standard Large One of the first patented hostas, it features dark green shiny leaves and beautiful and fragrant flowers.
Royal Tiara Small Different than any other in the Tiara series, it features a narrow white center and narrow, corkscrew leaves. Limited.
Sagae Giant Vase shape and huge size makes this a classic plant that should be in every garden.
Satisfaction Medium A piedmont gold sport with dark green leaves edged with gold. This is an eye catching plant.
Shade Fanfare Large Chartruese leaves with a cream edge. A good grower. I never could figure out why this plant was not more popular.
Silver Bay Small-Medium Silver gray color with excellent substance.
Solar Flare Giant My all time favorite gold. Tall, vase shaped plant.
Spilt Milk Large A unique plant. Blue/green leaves with white streaks. Very aptly named. A Tokudama hybrid. Scarce. Very limited.
Stained Glass Large With good light this plant shines in the garden.
Striptease Large This is one of the most striking and popular of the Gold Standard sports. The name is an allusion to the narrow white streak that should be found on each leaf.
Sugar Daddy Large A variegated sport of Big Daddy.
Sum & Substance Giant This huge plant is a must for any serious gardener who has the room to devote to it. Chartruese leaves, able to handle considerable sun. Magnificient!
Sunpower Large This gold features leaves longer than they are wide with some undulations in leaf shape.
T Rex Giant A huge green that looks positively prehistoric. Very limited.
Thunderbolt Large An Elegans sport with striking yellow centers and wide blue/green margins.
Victory Giant This is a variegated sport of Elatior and it’s huge scale and wonderful substance have made it a favorite of mine. Vase shaped mature plants reach up over three feet in height.
War Paint Large This Niagra Falls sport has it’s parent’s picrusted leaf margins but in the spring it is a distinctive light centered beauty.  Just a few of these.
Wolverine Medium Narrow green leaves with a gold margin with a fountain like shape. Distinctive and garden worthy.
World Cup Medium Rich gold foliage of good substance.
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